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The Harvey Specter zazz – and some iconic quotes to live by

TweetI kind of sometimes most likely don’t conform ?. Suits was, up until a point, just another example marble in my unconventional chain. Everyone was buzzing about Harvey Specter. Facebook was beginning its Suits flood. Even my husband had taken it up. I was adamant to start watching when pigs flew – and, whaddayaknow – […]

A woman in her 30’s guide to happiness (part 2)

TweetI should start by saying this isn’t necessarily part of the ‘guide’, but you’ll find that in all the good circumstances in your life, you (should) go by it: always to a follow-up ?. And… then there’ no. 6: pick your battles. Unless it’s a life or death situation or actually debating whether to read […]

A woman in her 30’s guide to happiness (part 1)

TweetI am not the type of woman who reads self-motivating books. I’ve tried to finish Dale Carnegie’s Secrets to Success and landed at – wild guess over here ? – page 10. Never made it to page 11. However, I’m a very competitive person and I compete on a frequent basis with myself. Sometimes, that […]

Watch out: my Netflix comedy picks

TweetHad I not become a journalist-turned-MarCom specialist, there’s a high likelihood I would’ve become either a performer oooor… a performer’s performance specialist ?. Basically, this is how I would sum up my unquenchable thirst for movies and TV series and my potential commentator-critic role I would one day assume. Until that day – and yes, […]

Ooh-la-la, Vive la France – and its actors and actresses

TweetSeeing Allied for the second time – although not the biggest of fans of this WW2 love drama – did stir up something: my urge to write some more ☺️. Marion Cotillard is one of the new generation French actresses I’ve had my sights on ever since 2006 and her appearance alongside Russell Crowe in […]

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