Ooh-la-la, Vive la France – and its actors and actresses

Seeing Allied for the second time – although not the biggest of fans of this WW2 love drama – did stir up something: my urge to write some more ☺️.

Marion Cotillard is one of the new generation French actresses I’ve had my sights on ever since 2006 and her appearance alongside Russell Crowe in A Good Year – whaaaat-a-movie!
There’s something about her frailty that keeps on giving, culminating with that tears-on-the-trails scene from Inception.

And there’s Eva Green. I loved her in Dark Shadows, thought Casino Royale didn’t do her any justice and look forward to that particular mind frame in which I’ll actually immerse myself in order to see through Kingdom of Heaven. Rugged and untamed, despite her calculated demeanor.

For the love of chocolate, I could never forget Juliette Binoche. There’s this sassiness and confidence she carries across on and off-screen that make her unseparable from roles like the one in The English Patient. Thus the conclusion: the Brits will always be subdued by the French ??

And for the guys… I’m going to start off with their version of The Godfather, in my opinion – Jean Reno. I fell in love with him in Leon. The rest is history.

I could never leave aside the Mad-Hatter-Laser-Dance-Ballet-Maestro Vincent Cassel. I would have definitely bitten his lip off too in Dark Swan ?

Next chapter: a personal view on Spaniard speaking movie extravaganza ?

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