The new artsy gourmet destination in Bucharest: Parol Art Bistro

The beginning of the year also marked the launch of PAROL – Art Concept Bistro, a unique venue in the landscape of restaurants and bistros in Bucharest, opened in mid-January 2020.

Located in an old house on Popa Nan street,  a very bourgeois one to be concise, PAROL is waiting for its guests in 4 bright rooms, with a total capacity of 47 places. The décor is ingenious, in a style that could be called retro-smart, tailored to the space of the houses dating back to 1.900 and features many beautiful pieces of vintage furniture, collector’s items, including a perfectly functional Belle Epoque headset. A big plus for the bistro is the presence of a children’s play room, which communicates directly with a room for parents, separated from the rest of the rooms by a corridor, so that parents can supervise their children quietly, while enjoying the restaurant’s menu and ambiance. Customers are thus not at all disturbed by the laughter and enthusiasm of the little ones.

Why PAROL? Because the 4 young entrepreneurs who launched this bistro see it as a promise made to those who come to the bohemian house on Popa Nan street: ‘We thought about PAROL as a brand name, because we thus make a promise; to offer you a complete experience, a great atmosphere, tasty food, a drink of choice and a great deal of pleasure.

Alongside our colleagues from, we were there to endorse chef Andrei Popa, MasterChef 2019 Top 10 competitor: ‘The MasterChef contest opened my door to a professional kitchen where I can demonstrate and put into practice my culinary talents and ideas. I am determined to show you that this passion and determination is the recipe of success in PAROL cuisine. Prepare your senses for the preparations and concept that PAROL Art Concept Bistro has to offer!’

Here are some pics from the venue:


Here are some pics with signature dishes:

And here’s us with chef Andrei Popa:

Best of luck, you guys, we’re rooting for you!

Photo credit: PAROL Art Bistro, personal archive

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