Over the past 8 years, I have been working in MarCom (marketing communications), managing content related issues, PR activities, social media initiatives and also focusing on marketing & performance marketing (e-mailing, PPC, remarketing, retargeting) & SEO with international groups, as well as local operations.

I garnered experience in international e-commerce by participating in the launch of operations on foreign markets such as Bulgaria, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, for which I conducted market studies, offered support in hiring translators and call center team members, implemented rebranding and branding campaigns via Facebook and Google Ads, as well as gathered substantial insight into one of the main trends in marketing: retargeting via e-mail triggers, push notifications, mouse tracking, heat map analyses, exit funnels etcetera.

Highlights from my online marketing experience: I managed 20+ team members from Content, Translations, Social Media, Marketing departments, brought in revenues totaling over 6 million euros, brought more than 600,000 likes for Facebook pages and over 10 million people in reach, set up the Social traffic source as a source of 25+% of total monthly sales, maintained a healthy balance in website traffic between Organic, PPC and Retargeting/Push.

Industries/fields of activity of clients for whom I supplied services:
online retail, retail, medical, pharma, law & consultancy, transportation & freight, NGOs, entertainment, consumer goods

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