Watch out: my Netflix comedy picks

Had I not become a journalist-turned-MarCom specialist, there’s a high likelihood I would’ve become either a performer oooor… a performer’s performance specialist ?. Basically, this is how I would sum up my unquenchable thirst for movies and TV series and my potential commentator-critic role I would one day assume.

Until that day – and yes, I’m a firm believer in cliche-yet-touche catch phrases like ‘Never say never’ ? – I take my shot at recommending newly found TV gems on Netflix – Thank God for Binging!

▶️ Santa Clarita Diet
Drew Barrymore as the living dead suburbian realtor who discovers she can’t eat anything aside from human flesh and subsequently starts killing her neighbours and neighbour’s foes. Timothy Olyphant – yup, that kind of insipid guy from Hitman – is her lawfully wedded husband and realtor partner who happily shares in his wife’s battle with a Serbian curse. Saucy, juicy, with clever dialogues, sartorial catch phrases and a bloody Drew Barrymore munching on human fingers. A very clever satire on American suburbia, 180 degrees away from American Beauty, but kind of layering out the same conclusion: nothing is as it seems past those white picket fences so coveted by respectable US households and beyond.
Duration: 30 min
Seasons available: 1 (the show was renewed for season 2)

▶️ Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Tina Fey genius! 30 Rock remains one of my all-time favorite TV series and this woman is on fuego again! Fey wrote and exec produced this comedy series about a survivor kidnapee from the clutches of a paranoid minister in Indiana, who, for 15 years, had kept his loyal followers – 4 women – sequestered in a bunker. Kimmy, the quirkiest and loudest of the ill-fated but dick dastardly dubbed Indiana Mole Women Club, takes life by the horns after her rescue and decides to move to New York City to regain 15 years of her wasted youth.
The cast is hands on a top pick, starting with Elie Kemper – an NBC series vet – take The Office, moving on to Titus Burgess as Titus Andromedon, Kimmy’s gay roommate and topping it all off with Jane Krakowski, as Jaqueline Vorhees turned White, an Indian American turned upscale Manhattan bourgeois sugar daddy lover.
Couldn’t say what I love most about this show: the writing, the occasional Trumping, the ironical Americanisation downcasting… brilliant! ✨
Duration: 30 min
Seasons available: 1-3

This just about concludes the comedy rundown. In terms of drama series, I’ve just started The Crown and Ozark and finished season 2 of Narcos – can’t wait for season 3 from September on! Cali Cartel goes down! More on these beautiful babies, in a future blog post. Stay tuned ??

Photo: Netflix Facebook page

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