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I was approached the other day by Kath, Editor-in-Chief of TheAfterSixClub.com magazine. They have started a project called #AmbitiousTribe, in which they feature entrepreneurs from around the world who have an interesting story to tell and advice to share with their peers.

It was a great honor and pleasure to answer the questions that Kath and her team addressed and to try and tackle my professional journey in a nutshell, so that, aside from elaborating on my USPs, to be actually able to share some relevant know-how and pass on my advice.

I’d be very curious and I would thank you in advance for giving me your feedback on this interview. Hope you find some interesting take after the read:

Andreea Glodea Paleologu: On Providing Out-Of-The-Box Online Communication Strategies To SMEs – The After Six Club

Ten years from now, Sag Media Communications founder and CEO Andreea Glodea Paleologu dreams of handling mind-driving campaigns from a beach in Latin American during rush hour. But today, we first welcome Andreea to The After Six Club’s Ambitious Tribe.

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