Why human resources and marketing blend well

They’re all about promotion and promoting – companies, services, people. They’re all about choosing the right message to convey and convene your audience. They both serve as slices of the same delicious pie that execs and employees should feast on.

Regardless of individually set KPIs, I believe that these two departments should go together like pizza and cheese, at the very least. Complementing each other and emphasizing the greater good rendered from a co-existence, not a war of the upper hands.

My colleague, Cristian Paleologu, Managing Partner with Sag Media Communications and its HR division – STP HR – recently collaborated with www.manager.ro, a top ranking HR and management portal in SEE – Romania, in explaining this harmonious blend – once you’ve got all your ingredients in the right quantity and combination.

You can read the interview in Romanian here: bit.ly/cp_manager_ro. Please use your translation plugins – for English or other foreign language speakers.


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