Life lessons learned by watching Game of Thrones

Whether you’re into fantasy series or not, one must admit that there is – and always will be – something addictive about Game of Thrones. The series ended this year, however the lessons still remain.

I’ve actually tried to derive some future advice to follow from the George R.R. Martin masterpiece — and here’s my small collection of “must-do’s”, in a nutshell:

It’s important to understand what people want – or as Harvey Specter would have it – “Don’t play the odds, play the man”
When you are making personal and professional decisions, it is essential to understand what people want most so you understand their decisions, and how to keep them on your side.

Leadership is being a hero and a villain… for the greater good
Wise leadership requires rulers in specific and difficult situations to compromise their principles and morals for the greater good of the people, the family, the realm, etc. Great leadership comes when rulers determine when to assert their authority or exercise reason and restraint.

Choose advisors to balance your reasoning – and most importantly, listen to them
As hard as it may be at times to curb any type of enthusiasm – whether filled with good or bad intentions – when you’re in a position of power, long-lasting leaders learn to bite the tongue and open the ear – and should give power of speech to advisors that can check them out of their worst impulses.

Prejudice is an Achilles heel
Though there is magic, dragons, witches and white walkers in Westeros, the seven kingdoms in many ways are just like the real world: privilege is for the rich and high born, there is discrimination against the poor, the disabled and bastards. Holding on to such prejudice can be very detrimental when you’re in a position of power, as the wheel can always turn… or break. And it might not be a friend that’s doing the breaking in the end.

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