Age-sex-playlist, pls!

Back in the day, when there was no Facebook Messenger – or Facebook, for that matter! – WhatsApp, iMessages, Slack or any other type of instant messaging tools aside from a very timid version of Yahoo! Messenger, there was… the Internet Relay Chat, most commonly known as mIRC. With its hook-up/ice breaker phrase, no matter […]

Tattoo Love Story

I got my first tattoo to celebrate my independence. 3 increasing in size stars on my right shoulderblade – one for every 12 months of my university years throughout which I worked to earn a living, support myself, build a career, alongside my studies. Summer. 21 going on 22. Cool as a cucumber when the […]

Accessories, my loves: the obligatory sunglasses

As a true accessories hoarder, I go by the life axioma that too many can never go in the same sentence as sunglasses. Metallic lense, wooden or glass rims, animal print or, at the other side of the spectrum, art pop motifs, gray, black, green, red lenses… you name it, I’ve tried, owned, yearned for […]

Accessories, my loves: quirky earrings

I stopped counting how many pairs of earrings I own after I passed the 100th pair threshold. Better for the economy, for my psyche, not to mention my budget ? I started playing around with earcuffs, semi-industrial piercings and other items of the sort when I got my entire left earlobe and nose pierced. Over […]

My summer looks in Prague: layering is everything

Prague is a city of ever changing weather – one minute it’s warm and sunny, the next clouds are gathering and wind is gushing. Ideally, for those not too warm days – yeah, you might still get them in the summer as well! – go for layerings and simple, but stylish combos. My fave in […]

My beauty look this summer: lash-lip-zing!

In a nutshell: a dash of red, pink, fuchsia or orange matte lipstick, some light contouring & mosaic summer powder, a pinch of blush and every girl’s best friends: 3D lash extensions. Simple, long lasting, WOWza factor all day long ?? Facebook Comments 0

Discovering Prague – The Castle & Royal Garden

When in Prague, a must see is the Prague Castle. You can either reach it the tough way – by climbing some 300 stairs, from Malostranska Square or via the Royal Gardens, which can be easily reached by taking the 22 tram and then stopping at the second station after Malostranska Namesti. Both locations should […]

Discovering Prague – Vltava river cruise

Ever since I arrived in Prague, in early May, I wanted to go on an eponymous Vltava river cruise. Yesterday afternoon I embarked on this voyage, from the banks of the river, right across from the Czech Philharmonic, 2 minutes away from Staromestska metro station. For those interested: you can opt for various packages, ranging […]

Discovering Prague – Goth Chic architecture

Goth Chic, with a Renaissance vibe and Art Nouveau touches – Prague is an amazing city to discover. Whenever I go out into the city I cannot help looking up… the skies and the building tops blend into a mixture of old and new that’s simply mesmerizing. Below you can find a link to my […]

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