#newexperiences Cooking atelier hosted by my business partner

Together we try, together we overcome hardships, together we celebrate!

This was the motto of the “inCerc” Alumni Cooking Workshop, held in Ploiești on Saturday, February 22nd. Alongside the participating families was Mrs. Gabriela Petre, nutritionist in the specialists’ team in Ploiesti, Romania. She helped participants with developing some healthy recipes, but also a great help for the little ones in the kitchen was Cristian Paleologu, MasterChef Romania competitor in season 8, Managing Partner with Sag Media Communications and my trusted business partner.

It was such a delight taking part in this event, we had loads of fun and yours truly documented the main phases of the event for www.in-cerc.ro!

As regards the menu, we enjoyed the benefits of fruit-infused water, then enjoyed a tasty and easy-to-make sandwich in any kitchen. The dessert always completes a balanced and delicious lunch. Participants made a dessert with simple and healthy ingredients, and the winners took part in a challenge to make the perfect egg white foam.

With good cheer, smiles, joy in our souls, satisfaction and gratitude, we spent a few hours filled with family fun, we felt good and we managed to cook three delicious dishes!

Congrats, everyone!

Photo credit: www.in-cerc.ro, personal archive

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