Every year mantra – lust for life!

In the words of Lana del Rey, whom I am currently listening to, we’re the masters of our own fate and the captains of our own souls – and this should be every year’s mantra.

For me personally, 2017 was a brilliant year – 12 months of going beyond borders, travelling, making new friends, forging bonds with old ones, befriending myself more thouroughly, discovering/improving/emphasizing faults, as well as strong suits. It was a year of some major ups, after some significant previous downs.

I’m embarking on a new yearly trip with some discoveries and wishes, which I’m sharing, ‘coz I’m caring ?:

▶️ All in due time. Time IS the biggest currency, so use it wisely.
▶️ Mens sana in corpore sano. Read, watch, listen, but also run, exercise, eat well. Respect yourself – all of yourself!
▶️ Do it the opposite way. Try acting the opposite of what you would resort to/choose at least a couple of times. Obviously, weigh in on actual situations you do this in.
▶️ Try walking (at least figuratively) a mile in others’ shoes.
▶️ Be on the defense side for a change! In other words – judge and label less.
▶️ De-clutter and volunteer. Lend a helping hand and do good as much as you can.

Saved the best for last… #dropthemic. Set your sights on a goal that resides in the previous ones and bring it to fruition to the best of your abilities in 2018. I’m thinking a video, release on YouTube and… sky is the limit ?

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