I saw The Sign – and it’s Sag Swag!

Anyone who knows me knows I’m into astrology. Anyone who’s anyone in my life has already heard his or her ‘astrodescription’ in a nutshell or, depending on availability, interest, timing, reasoning, has received the abridged/extended natal chart gift of life and enlightenment from yours truly ?

This is the first series of posts on my astropassion. I kind of dwelled on it and decided to come out into the astro-blogosphere-world with a bang – an appraisal to my star sign, the glorious Sagittarius (also known as Sag, SagSwag or, for those more formal readers out there, The Archer). In my own personal SagSwag style, here’s part 1 of The 10 Commandments for Appreciation of this 9th horoscope sign everyone should have in his or her life.

1. We’re the undercover branded game changers. In 8 out of 10 cases, people will react with a series of ‘Hm, does this sign even exist? Do I actually know anyone in this sign? What is this? The long lost brother of Leo?! A fire sign?! Really?!’ trivia all wrapped into one. Nevermind that we’ve had some of the world game changers in our sign, from Nostradamus to Pablo Escobar. Yeah, all special characters, bear with me! ?

2. We’re natural born human nature decriptors. Never gullible, always playing the man ?, shaking hand-paw with the elephant in the room.

3. We call it like we see it – most of the time ?. It’s the harsh-tongue, darts-razor-sharp-wit, pressing-on-the-wound quality that makes or breaks the Sags with other people. It’s our cable lasseau, leather whip and fluffy pink feathery accessory all into one. We know how to refrain, don’t get me wrong! Only to go at it again, in stronger shape and better argumentation.

4. We are natural born talkers. Some might start with our sweet talking unique trait, some with our small talk persistant speech. It’s a talent that helps us break ice, test waters, bring to ground, lighten the air – hence conquer all the other wonderful signs we love to be listened to by ?.

5. Oh, shocker! We do it our way! Frank Sinatra was a dignified Archer. I rest my case. The idea is: a Sagittarius will never react the same way twice, will always play charades, loves to do it differently than the social norm, stands by rough & hard play, but is also the attraction in the room, everyone admires, envies, would love to subdue, resents and misses – all at the same time. In our own special way, no matter how distressed, we’re the ShowMen of the horoscope.

To anyone who hasn’t got a Sagittarius jewel in your life: get one ASAP! Cause ‘Once you get Sagittarius-smack, you never go back’ ???

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