Why anyone should listen to electronic music – playlist 1

I grew up surrounded by pop and rock music. My 6-year-older sister’s tastes evolved in parallel with the musical TV channels of the time, spanning from Michael Jackson to Metallica, Guns’n’Roses and The Cranberries. Although our first casette tape was Mariah Carey – Music Box ?

I discovered electronic music in its emerging days, as trance, which later led on to progressive, industrial, psytrance, trip hop, acid jazz, drum & bass &… many, many more.
Yeah, you could call me a curious by nature individual, especially where music is concerned.

I think that, unlike or maybe just like other genres, electronic music strikes the core – it’s a plethora of musical contexts one can enjoy alone or amongst connaisseurs. Whenever I feel lazy, egocentric, nostalgic, pensative, or, on the contrary, ecstatic and ready to take on the world, I inadvertently and inevitably find myself listening to some sort of electronic music playlist.

Independent of the fact that it’s summer and I’m currently on my way to the seaside, here’s a short list of song recomms I would do to anyone willing to look into electronic music more:

▶️ Jamiroquai – You Give Me Something
▶️ Infected Mushroom – Dancing With Kadafi
▶️ Moloko – Sing It Back
▶️ Royksopp – Circuit Breaker
▶️ Bjork – All Is Full Of Love
▶️ William Orbit – Barber’s Adagio for Strings
▶️ Groove Armada – Superstylin’
▶️ Tori Amos – Cornflake Girl
▶️ Massive Attack – Inertia Creeps
▶️ Goldfrapp – Caravan Girl

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