Tattoo Love Story

I got my first tattoo to celebrate my independence. 3 increasing in size stars on my right shoulderblade – one for every 12 months of my university years throughout which I worked to earn a living, support myself, build a career, alongside my studies.

Summer. 21 going on 22. Cool as a cucumber when the tattoo artist started needling me ?. I wanted that tattoo and felt tinglish months before the actual tingle on my skin ☺️.

As for the model, I researched long and hard, but I was lucky enough to land in the hands – literally! – of a tattoo artist that actually knew how to draw and freestyle on ideas thrown at him.

The next jewels in the crown are 2 matching tattoos I got with my then boyfriend, 11 years later now my husband. One – a Sagittarius sign on my nape and second – his birth date on my left wrist. The first – a ‘safe’ choice, as we’re both Sagittarians. The second I figured would still be safe, in case our stars would not align at some point ? – I could always argue some psychedelic date in my life or, depending on the context, my card PIN ? (❤️ u, Crisu! ??)

The rest of my other 3 tattoos are bits & pieces of me, my thoughts, desires, needs and wants.

All are black and white. All are no larger than 5 inches. I don’t flaunt my tattoos, I sometimes even forget they’re there – they have become a part of me.

Next on my list is either a half back or a belly tattoo – I reckon I’ll set a larger part of my body up as canvas for no later than when I’m 40. Which leaves me some years still to come to focus on… my piercings ?

My point to all those thinking/debating whether to get a tattoo: the pain is never as high as you believe it will be, you get used to it; the anti-motivation should never be ‘I’m gonna fall out of love with it or grow bored with it’; the decision should be simple: find a good tattoo parlor, look the tattoo artists up online, choose your guy or girl, book an appointment, get it done. No time like the present ?. No regrets, they don’t work – Robbie Williams knows best!

Here’s a couple of my tattoos ??

Exclusive nail design by @onyabeauty @ifrimalexandra11 #mynails #nailstyling #nailart #greynails #nudenails #manicure #mymanicure #wristtattoo #mytattoo #0612 #sagittariuslove

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My precious! ? #mynewtattoo #tattoo #eartattoo #tattoolover #jacktattoos #rockchick #no5 #myfifthtattoo

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Stars, arrows, hearts and Prague by night #tattoo #tattoos #mytattoos #ilovetattoos #expressyourself #bodycanvas #bodytattoo #sagittariustattoo #starstattoo #eartattoo #eveninginprague #summerinprague #praguelife #praguebynight #romaniansinprague

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