Age-sex-playlist, pls!

Back in the day, when there was no Facebook Messenger – or Facebook, for that matter! – WhatsApp, iMessages, Slack or any other type of instant messaging tools aside from a very timid version of Yahoo! Messenger, there was… the Internet Relay Chat, most commonly known as mIRC. With its hook-up/ice breaker phrase, no matter the outcome: “Asl pls” aka “Age sex location (…)”.

Transposed in the modern day, I’d actually pitch a start-up business idea for a musical-IRC. Totally different from all the Pandora,, Soundcloud etcetera types of podcasts/online communities currently available.

Point is, aside from this entrepreneurial expose which needs some ironing, that I am one of those people who blatantly ask you flat out “So, what kind of music do you listen to?”. That’s the first question. Then come the additional “What do you listen to when you’re happy or sad?”, “What song would you fall asleep to?”, “What song would have non-stop sex to?” etcetera etcetera. There’s a whole plethora of questions, depending on the person, the context, my intentions ?.

Could you let a day go by without listening to music? Why not?
Do you ever give out replies in lyrics? Why is that?
Would you rather go to a musical festival than on a fancy trip?
What was the last song you listened to today? Mine was RHCP – The Zephyr Song. L.E. Dark Necessities.

Could you find a more appropriate statement of love? Text it, whisper it, sing it: “Fly away on my zephyr/I feel it more than ever/And in this perfect weather/We’ll find a place together”.

Music is life. Music is love. In my very Sagittarius-style optimism, I’d love to do PR and organise a worldwide musical flashmob. In which DJs and rockers and folkers and britpoppers would come together for the love of those inward accords.

I’m out, gotta sing it out.

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