Tattoo Love Story

I got my first tattoo to celebrate my independence. 3 increasing in size stars on my right shoulderblade – one for every 12 months of my university years throughout which I worked to earn a living, support myself, build a career, alongside my studies.

Summer. 21 going on 22. Cool as a cucumber when the tattoo artist started needling me πŸ˜€. I wanted that tattoo and felt tinglish months before the actual tingle on my skin ☺️.

As for the model, I researched long and hard, but I was lucky enough to land in the hands – literally! – of a tattoo artist that actually knew how to draw and freestyle on ideas thrown at him.

The next jewels in the crown are 2 matching tattoos I got with my then boyfriend, 11 years later now my husband. One – a Sagittarius sign on my nape and second – his birth date on my left wrist. The first – a ‘safe’ choice, as we’re both Sagittarians. The second I figured would still be safe, in case our stars would not align at some point πŸ˜‚ – I could always argue some psychedelic date in my life or, depending on the context, my card PIN 😜 (❀️ u, Crisu! πŸ€“πŸ˜œ)

The rest of my other 3 tattoos are bits & pieces of me, my thoughts, desires, needs and wants.

All are black and white. All are no larger than 5 inches. I don’t flaunt my tattoos, I sometimes even forget they’re there – they have become a part of me.

Next on my list is either a half back or a belly tattoo – I reckon I’ll set a larger part of my body up as canvas for no later than when I’m 40. Which leaves me some years still to come to focus on… my piercings 😎

My point to all those thinking/debating whether to get a tattoo: the pain is never as high as you believe it will be, you get used to it; the anti-motivation should never be ‘I’m gonna fall out of love with it or grow bored with it’; the decision should be simple: find a good tattoo parlor, look the tattoo artists up online, choose your guy or girl, book an appointment, get it done. No time like the present πŸ˜€. No regrets, they don’t work – Robbie Williams knows best!

Here’s a couple of my tattoos πŸ™‚πŸ™ƒ

Exclusive nail design by @onyabeauty @ifrimalexandra11 #mynails #nailstyling #nailart #greynails #nudenails #manicure #mymanicure #wristtattoo #mytattoo #0612 #sagittariuslove

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My precious! 😍 #mynewtattoo #tattoo #eartattoo #tattoolover #jacktattoos #rockchick #no5 #myfifthtattoo

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Stars, arrows, hearts and Prague by night #tattoo #tattoos #mytattoos #ilovetattoos #expressyourself #bodycanvas #bodytattoo #sagittariustattoo #starstattoo #eartattoo #eveninginprague #summerinprague #praguelife #praguebynight #romaniansinprague

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